Vicky’s Reef dive site is a seven minute ride from the Riding Rock Marina.

The dive site is located offshore about one mile from Cockburn Town.

Type of mooring: boat anchor in a big sand plain.

Site briefing: The depth under the boat is 35 to 40 feet to the sand. The reef is a strip of coral 50 to 120 feet wide. The wall drops vertically from 40 feet to 110 and forms a narrow plateau that rolls down to 140 feet before dropping straight again. The wall face has lots of black coral trees, encrusted sponges and small creatures like bluebell tunicates. Vicky’s Reef dive site is also a continuous reef monitoring project of the local field station and there are several colored makers spread around the top of the wall. The name stems from a diving guest named Vicky who lost a watch on the dive. It was recovered several weeks later hanging on a coral along the wall. Stingrays, turtles, groupers and mutton snappers are commonly seen.

How to dive it: Swim along the lip of the wall in both directions about 200 feet. Do the return swims where the sand meets the reef to make a rectangular pattern. Descend along the edge of the wall is bottom time permits.

We go there: usually as the second or afternoon dive of the day.