Bahamas Deep Sea Fishing

Marina Anglers from all over the world have discovered the marine wilderness of San Salvador. World record Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Dolphin, Kingfish, and Tuna cruise the deep blue waters just minutes from the Riding Rock docks. When it comes to Bahamas deep sea fishing, we encourage the philosophy of catch and release sport fishing in an effort towards conservation.

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Bahamas Deep Sea fishing is offered for 1/2 and full day charters on our 28′ boat, Odyssey III.

Morning departures for our Bahamas fishing charters are usually set for 8:30 am, but the departure time is not set in stone and can be arranged to fit the needs of our anglers. Tackle, bait, and water are provided. With advanced notice, we would be happy to prepare and pack your beverages of choice and snacks or meals for your charter at an additional cost. You are welcome to bring your own beverages and food also.

Bahamas Deep Sea Fishing*
1/2 Day (4 Hours)
Full Day (8 Hours)

*Prices are per vessel, 5 persons maximum, gratuity not included. 7.5% tax will be applied. Fly Fishing Charters available upon request.

bahamas deep sea fishing


Fishing Regulations for The Bahamas

  1. Each vessel shall use not more than six (6) rods or reels unless the operator is in possession of a permit authorizing the use of more rods or reels; Vessels with a valid fishing permit are allowed 20 pounds of scale fish, 10 conches, and six crawfish (in season) per person, at any time.
  2. All other migratory fish shall be returned to the sea alive unless it is to be used immediately.
  3. No grouper or rockfish weighing less than three pounds may be taken.
  4. No spearfishing within 200 yards of any island in the Bahamas.
  5. It is illegal to use any type of underwater air supply for spearfishing or collecting of any marine life. This includes scuba gear as well as air compressors.
  6. Spearfishing is restricted to free divers only and only with the use of a Hawaiian sling.
  7. It is illegal to take coral, tropical fish, or sea fans.
  8. It is illegal for a non-Bahamian to use any type of fishing net, except a cast net.
  9. It is illegal for a non-Bahamian to use fish traps or to sell marine products of any type.
  10. Nothing may be taken from Bahamas National Underwater Parks.
  11. A person shall fish by the traditional method of angling with a hook or lure attached to a line held in the hand or attached to a pole, rod or reel;
  12. A person, unless otherwise authorized by the respective permit, shall not use a spear, a fish trap, or a net other than a landing net;
  13. Any migratory fishery resource that is caught shall not in total consist of more than six (6) Kingfish, Dolphin, Tuna or Wahoo per vessel and any resource not intended to be used shall not be injured unnecessarily but be returned to the sea alive;
  14. No vessel shall have on board any conch, turtle, or more than twenty pounds of any demersal fishery resources (groupers, snappers, etc.) per vessel at any time and excluding not more than six crawfish per vessel.
  15. No vessel shall have on board any fish unless its head and tail is intact.
  16. The general public is advised that the Queen Conch (conch) is considered to be an endangered species throughout much of its range within the wider Caribbean area, including The Bahamas. The Government, in an effort to ensure the continued sustainability of local conch stocks, has decided to prohibit the harvesting of the species by foreign boaters.

For more information, contact:

Department of Marine Resources
Ministry of Agriculture & Marine Resources
P.O. Box N-3028
Nassau, The Bahamas

A Fisherman’s Paradise

The water’s perfect!

The crystal clear waters surrounding Riding Rock Resort & Marina are perfect for deep sea fishing in the Bahamas and attract more than the world’s best and brightest game fish, they also attract the world’s best anglers. In fact, our waters are so abundant yet challenging that Hemingway wrote at length about them. Plus, the Bahamas are home to over 50 fishing world records. So it’s easy to understand why fishing tournaments in the Bahamas are some of the most competitive and exciting to be apart of or behold. Pros to first-timers make their way down every year to try and win one of our numerous tournaments by landing the biggest fish or most catches. From wahoo to billfish, our fishing tournaments have something to offer anyone interested in testing their fishing skills. Got what it takes to land the big one? Come on down and find out with our Bahamas fishing charters.

Gamefish Chart Key

Excellent Good to Excellent Good Fair Occasional None
teal fish blue fish green fish pink fish orange fish brown fish


Species Location Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Offshore orange fish orange fish green fish green fish teal fish teal fish
Offshore orange fish orange fish green fish green fish teal fish green fish
Sailfish Offshore pink fish pink fish green fish teal fish green fish pink fish
Offshore brown fish brown fish brown fish pink fish green fish teal fish
Dolphin Offshore pink fish pink fish green fish teal fish green fish pink fish
Wahoo Offshore/
teal fish teal fish teal fish pink fish orange fish orange fish
Kingfish Offshore pink fish pink fish pink fish pink fish pink fish green fish
Mackerel Offshore green fish