The Snapshot dive site is a seven minute ride from the Riding Rock Marina.

Dive site is located just offshore of a stone wall along the roadside about one mile from Cockburn Town.

Type of mooring: boat anchor in a big sand plain.

Site briefing: The depth under the boat is 18 feet, 20 with a shovel. The reef area consists of dozens of small star coral heads that come up to about 5 feet of depth. The main reef at is about two acres in size and has several large schools of fish. Grunts, snappers, goatfish and squirrelfish are easy to approach. At the Snapshot dive site you will see a famous squirrelfish named Crazy Mary and her large family that are out in the open to see and photograph. There are a few old anchors used as photo props and a nice colorful reef to see. This has been a favorite dive site of professional photographers to shoot models and products over the last twenty-five years. Watch out for the fire coral encrusted soft corals in the sandy area surrounding the main reef.

How to dive it: Swim around the outside of the reef and then across to see the schools of fish. Take your time observing the marine life and looking for macro critters.

We go there: usually as the second dive of the day or as the last dive before flying.