The Shark Alley dive site is a twelve minute ride from the Riding Rocks Marina.

Dive site is located offshore of the settlement of Longbay.

Type of mooring: fixed line with a pick up line on a float ball.

Site briefing: The depth under the boat is 45 feet on a hard pan and sand groove type bottom with scattered coral heads. The wall is behind the boat with the drop off running away from shore at an angle. The wall is staggered with a drop from 45 feet to 80 feet and then again to 120 feet. Several large coral heads come up to 60 feet of depth and 50 feet away from the wall and form a ridge that runs about 200 feet to the right or northeast. There are several coral tunnels that penetrate this ridge and lead out over the wall. At the end of the ridge are a few more coral caves. A large pillar coral head is on top of the wall just north of the first coral head. Sharks are frequently seen off in the deep of the Shark Alley dive site or over the 80 foot plateau. Plenty of reef fish on top of the wall and some rare hamlets in the deeper area.

How to dive it: Swim across the reef and then over the wall to the first big coral head on the right. Follow the outside of the ridge looking out and swim along about 200 feet then double back on the edge of the wall. If time and air remain swim to the south west along the edge of the wall before returning to the boat.

We go there: usually as the first or afternoon dive.