The Sandy Point Cave dive site is a thirty minute ride from the Riding Rock Marina.

Dive site is offshore from grotto beach.

Type of mooring: boat anchor in large sand patch.

Site briefing: The depth under the boat is 35 feet. The reef on top of the Sandy Point Cave dive site is hardpan and coral and there is a big sand area that leads to a sandy bottom crevice which spills over the wall. To the south is a sheer mini wall from 30 feet to 110 that looks over a sandy slope to the wall. To the north the wall slopes quickly down to 120 where it is a sand slope to the outer wall. A large cave runs from 110 feet through the first wall and leads up to a plateau at 90 feet. Beyond the plateau is a huge coral head about 80 feet across that rises up to 70 feet. There are big barrel sponges all around the reef and wall. Sharks are occasionally seen over the deeper wall. Lots of schools of chromis and Creole wrasse hovering over the shallow south side wall.

How to dive it: Swim across the sand flat to the cut at the edge of the wall. Head right and down the wall to 80 feet swim north about 150 feet looking for a big cut in the wall. Enter the cut under an overhang at 110 feet and swim through past the big black coral trees to the plateau at 90 feet. If you have time and air go out and around the big coral head and then follow the shallow wall south back to the boat.