The Runway 10 dive spot can be reached within a short three-minute boat ride from the Riding Rock Marina. This particular dive location lies directly offshore of the island’s airport runway. The mooring setup here consists of a fixed line with a pick-up line attached to a float ball, making it convenient for divers to anchor.

Before diving, a thorough site briefing is provided, revealing that the water depth under the boat is approximately forty feet, with the vessel positioned close to the edge of an impressive wall. Along the edge of this drop-off, divers will find a multitude of large coral heads, creating a captivating underwater landscape that varies in depth from forty to sixty feet before dramatically plunging to a depth of 100 feet. Beyond that, a sloping ledge leads to even greater depths, reaching 200 feet before transforming into a striking vertical wall once more.

Site Briefing

The marine life at Runway 10 is abundant and diverse. Schools of grunts gracefully hover around the top of the reef, offering a mesmerizing sight. Towards the shore, several large sand patches provide habitat for fascinating creatures such as queen conch, yellow head jawfish, sand tilefish, and yellow stingrays. Divers can also anticipate encounters with friendly groupers and mutton snappers, adding to the allure of this site.

Remarkably, Hammerhead sharks have been known to make occasional appearances, swimming parallel to the wall above the deep ledge, an awe-inspiring spectacle for those fortunate enough to witness it. When night falls, the underwater world at Runway 10 transforms, with frequent sightings of basket starfish, octopuses, crabs, and pufferfish. Additionally, lucky divers might come across lobsters and rare nudibranchs, adding a touch of excitement to the nocturnal experience.

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Make The Most of Your Dive

To make the most of the dive, it’s recommended to explore a substantial 200-foot section in each direction along the wall, providing ample opportunities to encounter the diverse marine life and witness the stunning underwater topography. For the return swim, divers are advised to venture 100 feet in from the wall, further immersing themselves in the breathtaking surroundings.
The depths of 60 to 100 feet along the wall face offer a particularly enchanting display of nature, boasting beautiful elephant ear sponges and a plethora of sponge and coral encrustations, creating an immersive and unforgettable dive experience.

Divers often choose to visit Runway 10 as either their second or night dive, maximizing their underwater adventures during the day. With its captivating marine life, stunning coral formations, and occasional appearances of majestic Hammerhead sharks, this dive site promises to be an unforgettable and cherished destination for all diving enthusiasts.