The La Crevasse dive site is a fifty minute ride from the Riding Rock Marina.

The dive site is offshore near the blow hole on French Bay.

Type of mooring: Fixed line with a pickup line on a float ball.

Site briefing: The bottom under the boat is 35 feet of heavy growth coral reef. The wall at the La Crevasse dive site is 35 feet and runs parallel to shore. There is a series of big crevices and tunnels that runes through the wall from a sandy area to the edge of the wall at 100 feet. The main crevice is over 200 feet long and branches off into several caves and tunnels. There is a smaller series of crevices to the east. The entire dive can be spent swimming through and exploring la crevasse. There is an abundance of coral and fish along the edge and on top of the wall. The visibility is usually not good if the site is rough. The wall is very sheer and drops from 40 feet to 150 quite dramatically.

How to dive it: Swim out over the wall and descend to 100 feet at the mouth of the crevice. Follow it in towards shore watching for the connecting tunnels to your right. Turn around at 50 feet and return to the wall edge through some of the parallel crevices and tunnels. Finish up the dive on top of the wall near the boat.

We go there: Usually as the first dive of the day or as a shore dive.