The Double Caves dive site is thirty five minute ride from the Riding Rock Marina.

Dive site is offshore from the end of Sandy Point beach.

Type of mooring: fixed line with a pickup line on a float ball.

Site briefing: The bottom under the boat is 35 feet deep on a heavy coral reef. The Double Caves dive site got its name because there is a big cave formation with two parallel caves leading out to the wall at 115 feet. The caves begin as sand crevices that start in the shallow sand flats and they are joined in the middle section of the wall by a long crevice at 80 feet. The wall itself is very dramatic and fall abruptly from 40 feet to over 150. The coral and sponge growth is very heavy along the side and top of the wall. There is an additional cave system about 120 feet west from the double caves. Sharks and schools of jacks are often seen here. There will be lots of fish activity along the top of the wall.

How to dive it: Swim out into the shallow sand flat at 40 feet below the boat. Swim into the crevice under the boat and follow it down to 85 feet to the entrance to the first cave, you will see blue water about 70 feet out. Go through the cave and exit near the big black coral trees. The second cave is somewhat smaller and to your right and will lead you back up to the top of the wall. Or take a left and swim along the wall looking out and down. Spend all of the dive within 250 feet of the boat on the outer edge of the wall or the sand plain side.

We go there: Usually on the first dive of the day.