The Dolittle’s Grotto dive site is thirty minute ride from the Riding Rock Marina.

Dive site is offshore from a house on the end of sandy point.

Type of mooring: fixed line with a pickup line on a float ball.

Site briefing: The depth of the Dolittle’s Grotto dive site under the boat is about 40 feet on a gradual sand slope to the wall. The wall here is basically a sand slope from 30 to 140 feet. It is broken up by two parallel ridges of coral each over 50 feet thick. The ridges are riddled with tunnels that allow you to make your way down the wall through them. The big ridge near the boat has four tunnels that lead to a sand bottom valley between the shallow and deep ridges. The second coral ridge has two bigger crevices splitting it into three sections. The top of the outer coral is 60 feet and the deeper crevices will bring you out to a big sand valley at 120 feet. There is usually a big school of horse eye jacks meandering over the reef the entire dive. Big corals and barrel sponges are common about the reef.

How to dive it: Swim across the sand slope to the tunnel on the south end of the shallower ridge. Go through that tunnel and then follow the big crevice in front of you out to the deeper valley. Bear right around the outer ridge at 120 feet and follow the second crevice back up to 80 feet. Pick one of the two tunnels in front of you to return back toward the boat. Finish the dive above the shallower ridge near the boat.

We go there: usually as the first dive of the day.