The Devil’s Claw dive site is a fifteen minute ride from the marina.

Dive site is offshore from the settlement of Longbay.

Type of mooring: fixed line with a pick up line on a float ball.

Site briefing: The depth under the boat is 45 feet on a hard pan bottom with small sand grooves and scattered coral heads. The claw is a triple crevice formation with a free standing coral head offshore of the wall. From above the three cuts look like the fingers of a claw with the coral head being the heel of the paw. The wall here is a double drop, first from 45 feet to 80 feet then again from about 100 feet to 150 where the wall slopes out to the deep cliff. Big marine life like sharks are seen out over both deep plateaus. There are lots of nice corals around the crevices and some big elephant ear sponges in the deeper area. Two small pillar coral colonies mark the ends of the crevices. Quillfin blennies have been seen many times at the bottom of the Devil’s Claw dive site. This dive site usually has a good variety of fish.

How to dive it: Swim across the reef bottom to the series of crevices. After exploring them continue to the right or northeast and swim along the outer wall about 100 feet more, there are a few more coral caves to look through. Return along the wall past the devils claw and swim over it and descend along the wall in a southwesterly direction to a large coral outcropping about 150 feet away. After checking this area out return along the top of the wall to the boat.

We go there: usually as the first or afternoon dive.