Sand Castles

Five minute ride from the marina.

Dive site is located off shore from Charlies place about 200 yards south of Cockburn Town.

Type of mooring: boat anchor in a big sand plain.

Site briefing: The depth under the boat is 35 to 40 feet of open sand. The wall lies behind the boat and drops sharply from 40 feet to 100 feet. There is a thin ridge of reef about 30 feet wide at the edge of the drop off. Going south along the wall the reef becomes a sandy slope from 40 to 100 feet. There are a few large coral heads away from the wall that come up to about 60 feet from the outer wall edge at 140 feet. Going north the wall juts out in a point about 100 feet north of the anchorage. After this coral ridge it becomes a sandy slope again. Large southern stingrays are frequently seen in the sandy flat and where the reef meets the sand. Friendly groupers and mutton snappers are common. Sharks and barracuda are often observed between the wall and the deep coral heads. There are plenty of small creatures at the lip of the wall including cowries, brittle starfish and bristleworms.

How to dive it: Head south along the wall edge and swim out to the first big coral head on the outer wall. Return to the sand flat and follow back under the boat and swim down to the coral ridge. Return along the shallow part of the wall to the boat.

We go there: usually as an afternoon dive.